Live from the stage/my workspace

Dan Martinie
Director / DP / Editor

This is where we would talk about Dan and all of the wonderful things he has done with his life and what he does and all the things.

Maybe we would talk a little more about what he does here and there. It doesn't have to be super long.


Clients List Etc.

- May also want to add "AS SEEN ON" to include where your videos have been used? (ie. Today Show, Good Morning America, Billboard Music Awards, CMA Awards, ABC, NBC, etc.)
- Logos or no logos (Maybe for larger names and/or as seen on if you do that) Decide what should be done

Big Machine Label Group
Centricity Music
Residence Music
Chick-Fil-A (not sure if this is a stretch)
Nutrition Stripped
The Art House Dallas
Show Up Podcast
Vanderbilt University/Vanderbilt Medical Center
Steven Curtis Chapman - label, management, book publisher?
Vector Managment (because of Seth?)
Be Music (because of All S&D and Ivory Layne?)
Iconic Entertainment (because of Levi Hummon?)
Atema/Whatever Pharmaceutical Company? Genentech, etc?
Whatever Joseph LeMay is connected to?
Razor & Tie (because of Clemency?)
Whatever label Ivory Layne is on?
Whatever label All S&D is on?
The country guy you helped Lindley on?
Whatever Ellie Holcomb is on (label, Triple 8/Good Time mgmt?)
CJ Casciotta / Ringbeller things
Lightworkers Media / MGM
Anything with Jeff Berry's wife? HGTV?
Pathways thing with Zac?
What about the company that made that 360 camera for the Apollo video and Studio 615?
Whatever Andrew Peterson is on?
Anything else of note that you worked on with Leif or BBCalvin? Calvins own stuff?
Journey Church?
Ragnar Race / Company of the group that ran?
Lindleys company name?
Have you worked with Nyk or Nathan on any shoots - use what their company name is?
Whatever you did for Martel and Plumb?
Martel Christmas
The country/in the round thing you did in Chicago ?
Jon McCloughlin
Alex Hall
Charity Foundation Walk thing for something?
Downtown Band