The shoot:

Pathway Collective leads guided adventures all over the world. They believe self-discovery comes in the form of long hikes, fresh air, and adventure. They asked me to help tell the story of where they've been, who they are, and where they are heading.

We had fun scouting locations for this video. We hiked a few trails and ended up filming here in Nashville. The most unique part of this project was that we filmed the kayaking and camping scenes from a canoe. My camera-man and I paddled roughly an hour out to Raccoon Island, a tiny island in the middle of Percy Priest Lake. We filmed the camping scenes, ate some MREs (meals-ready-to-eat...a camping staple), then paddled back to the dock. The night-paddle back was as equally eerie as serene. I definitely experienced a bit of the solitude Pathway promises on their trips, even if it was only for a couple days.


Gear break-down:

We shot mostly available light. The campfire and lanterns created great practical lighting for us. We were at capacity in our little canoe, so hauling bigger lights and a generator wasn't really an option. I flew my Canon 5dmkii on a Movi M5 three-axis gimbal. Originally I planned to shoot a Canon C100mkii on the Movi, but unlike the C100, the mkii's eyepiece doesn't it wouldn't fit on the M5. The 5dmkii with a 50mm1.4 lens did great though. We had a Vari-ND on it to adjust exposure for the sun during the brighter parts of the day. The C100mkii with a 24-70L lens did great as our slow-mo and interview camera. At one point, we tried an older 200mm canon prime, but it was a little too soft-focused to be usuable.

The final interviews were lit using a Chinese lantern and a 200w incandescent bulb as the key. I wanted to try and mimic the glow of a warm campfire.